My Lego Mini Figures Series 6

Since late 2011, news of the Lego Mini Figures Series 6 have been roaming all over the internet.  Officially, it reached Singapore on 9th Jan 2012.  Although local stores had the series on sale even before the release date, I got mine from Brickworld‘s pre-order for members.  However, the collected box sat on quietly in my study room for almost 3 weeks before I had the time to open up the little brown box to reveal the pure inner white within.

As many has already done very comprehensive reviews of the 8827 LEGO Minifigure Collection Series 6, I will not dwell too much into the details of this series.  Just thought this will be something simple to share my views of the MF6.

Of all the Mini-Figures, or MFs, released, I like the color and box of the MF6, the pure and simple white color.  Have also thought that the previous series are too flashy for my liking. 🙂  As usual the 16 new MFs gathered together at the top of the box, then lined themselves along the sides  for their individual portraits.

In this series, the more popular MFs include the Roman Soldier, Lady Liberty and the Clockwork Robot.  Especially for the Roman Soldier, as there are only 3 pieces of them per box, they are highly valued as many are gathering them to build armies of their own.  For myself, I actually prefer the Highland Battler and the cute Sleepyhead.  However, as MF6s are still “hot” every where, I’ll start my collection in a more subtle way while the heat dies down.

As usual, these new 16 MFs will have their new home in the Daiso display boxes.  However, these display boxes are getting harder to find as Daiso seems to have stopped bringing them in recently.  Maybe it would be a good move to get more to stock up while they still last.

Rumors has it that MFs will be discontinued after a few more series.  Maybe Lego has ran out of new ideas for them or their hypes are not as much as they were when first released.  Whatever the reason is, until the day it happens, I think the MFs will still be very much popular among the AFOLs.

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