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Finally after so long, i managed to get down to make full use of my hosted domain and create a proper blog site. With this, i hope to capture moments of my life that i’ll be able to share with my family and friends. Hopefully, i’ll be able to keep it going for as long as i can.

Discman 🙂


  1. Billy Teo - Reply

    Hi sir,

    I have read your review on the Synology DS412+.
    A very thorough and insightful review.
    I had been looking around for a NAS to connect to my Mac and PC computers in my home so that everybody can use the same storage and backup.

    Another thing came to my mind for the Synology Disk Station is the Personal Cloud.

    My question is:-
    If I just plug the LAN cable from the Synology DS 412+ into the SingTel
    fibre-optic router, will it work?

    I have serveral iOS devices, iPhone, iPads, that I hope can access the photos I have to put in the Synology DS 412+.

    I have not bought the hardware yet, but intend to after reading your review.
    I had looked at Seagate, Western Digital, Buffalo and many others until I found your review using google.

    Would really appreciate some advice on how to do it sir.

    If you look at my photo blog on fly fishing, i have a lot of photos to store. (50,000 of them)

    Thank you.


    • Discman - Reply

      Hi Billy,

      thanxs for dropping by.

      Just need to clarify if you are looking at using the NAS within the LAN in your home or even from outside via the internet. For access within your home network, yes, connecting the NAS to the router will put it online for access. However, you will still need some configuration such as allocating a fix IP within your LAN for the LAN so that your devices can easily look for it. You will also need to configure the shares and users accounts and ACL (Access Control List) for the NAS. The DSM provided by Synology is actually quite user-friendly so configurations and shares should all be a breeze. But do let me know if you faced any issues.=

      If you are looking at access your NAS from outside your home network, you will need to do more advance configurations such as DynDNS and port forwarding on your router.

      Btw, if you are looking at getting the NAS, keep track of the upcoming Sitex. There may be better deals then as now there are other dealers for Synology besides Memory World. More competitions means better lobangs for consumers. 🙂

      Hope I’ve helped.


  2. Alexander - Reply

    Hello Sir,

    Looking for the Lego Royal Guards I finally found an army worthy of giving a look at. Apparently there are not many collectors who make or try to make an army out of the series 5 royal guard.
    In this case I’m wondering if U still have the royal guard and bagpiper army and if there is a possibility to buy them.
    I’d love to expend my own little army with such an amount and finally create a Pipes and Drums band worthy speaking of.
    Anyways I loved reading the article in specific and I found my way to your other Lego articles as well.
    Thanks in advance for any kind of response.

    Kind regards,


    • Discman - Reply

      Hi Alexander,

      Thanxs for the interest in the minifigures. Currently, i’m still keen to hold on to my little armies. Rest assured that I’ll contact you if I’m going to let go of them.



  3. Leonard - Reply


    I found the 8GB RAM module in Amazon Prime Singapore, the cost is $122. I only know UOB codes, How did you get it to S$ 100?

    • Discman - Reply

      Hi Leonard,

      Back then when I bought the ram, it was only selling for $110. Price has gone up recently and that’s also the reason I’m holding back from getting the second stick.

      Hope this clarifies.



  4. Cameron Mullett - Reply

    Hi I noticed your xaomi vacuum review. You mentioned you used the Neato XV-21 vacuum. I’m still using that one. I wanted to mention you can buy replacement batteries on eBay for around 20$. And other replacement parts for cheap for that vac.

    • Discman - Reply

      Hi Cameron,

      Previously I did buy some replacement batteries from ebay for the XV-21 but only to find out that the problem goes beyond just replacing the batteries. I gave up after about a month of troubleshooting and repairs. Nevertheless, the XV-21 is still a good vacuum robot.



  5. Alexander - Reply


    Thanks for your reply and keeping me in mind.
    Meanwhile if you’re interested in how the army looks like already I could send some photo’s one way or another.

    Kind regards,


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