Mini Review of 8028 Lego Stars Wars Mini TIE Fighter

A cheapo and accidental hoot from Robinsons a couple of days back.  Thanxs to the heads up from one of the Brothers in the cave.

This is the 8028 Lego Star Wars Mini TIE Fighter.  This is a polybag package and the first time I’ve got a Mini set from the Star Wars Series.  I think it was meant to be a Purchase with Purchase set that is exclusive to Robinsons back in end 2010.  Somehow, maybe the set wasn’t very popular and now it is selling at the same price but without the need to buy anything.  As it is a polybag, it’s a pretty small and simple packaging that can be easily torn.  In fact, this packaging is much easier to open as compared to the MiniFigure Series.  Maybe because this does not need to be subjected to any “molests” :-p

Opening up the package, you will just see a bunch o blue, black and grey bricks and a very simple piece of assembly instruction.  Something very much the same as those small Creator sets.  The instructions are simple and straight forward.  Thus it does not take more than 5 mins to get the Mini TIE Fighter ready for action.

The set is simply yet able to represent the key elements and features of the TIE Fighter.  However, if you look carefully at the wings of the TIE Fighter, the pieces are actually joined together by just a single layer of plates.  For me, I would prefer to have the blue plates at the top and bottom of the wings to be doubled to better secure the centre and the side triangular plates.  Anyway, like what I say, it’s a cheapo hoot so cant really complain much about this small set.  The only thing I’m worried now is that this may get me started on the journey of collecting all the Mini vehicles of the Star Wars Series.. 🙁