Review of the 8484, 8677 and 8678 LEGO Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen, Mater and Francesco Part 3

This is the final installment of my 3 parts review of the LEGO Ultimate Build Series of Cars 2.  The other two in this Ultimate Build series includes Lightning McQueen and Mater.  Actually, I was wondering how come Lego chose Francesco for this Ultimate Build, considering there are other better options.  After watching the movie, Cars 2, then I realised it’s because Francesco can be considered as the third lead role of the movie as he is the one who keep challenging Lightning McQueen to the races around the world.  Side tracking a bit onto the movie, although these two cars, McQueen and Francesco, are enemies on the tracks, they do become good friends after going through the various races at the different parts of the world.

The size of the box of this set, the 8678 Ultimate Build Francesco, is about the same as that for Lightning McQueen.  But from the front of the box, one would notice that this set includes a small surprise inside.  Some how, maybe to make this set more attractive, Lego include a cute Pittie as part of this set to accompany Francesco.  Different from the Mater, the stickers provided in this set are using the normal white background type.  Those that will tend to start peeling off after a year or so…

The assembling process is quite simple too.  I think it took me at most 30 mins to do up everything include the cut Pittie.  The design of Francesco is very similar to that of Lego F1 racer series.  Except that for this, it’s simple as there is no driver’s cockpit but a round printed dome to represent Francesco’s facial features.  There are also not much special features included in this version of Francesco as compared to Ultimate Build Mater.  Maybe that’s why Lego include in the Pittie to make this set more playable and lively.

The Pittie comparing with that of Guido, comes with a theme to match that of Francesco.  Also it has ear muffs to help him block out the noisy environment, something that Guido don’t seem to need.

This set deserves a 6 out of 10.  It is saved by the year round discounted price here in Singapore and also the cute Pittie included in the set.  Otherwise, I would think that I would only get this set just to make my collection of Cars 2 Series complete. 🙂

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