Review of the 8484, 8677 and 8678 LEGO Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen, Mater and Francesco Part 2

Ok.. I’m actually very late with this review.  Started doing it for a few months already but never seem to have the time to complete it.  Since the new year is just around the corner, I thought I better finish this up and not drag it till 2012.

This is the second installment of my Review of the Ultimate Build of the Cars 2 Series released in 2011.  The first part of this review series can be found here.   As stated in the previous post, there are 3 sets to this Ultimate series.  The second one that I’m going to review is the 8677 LEGO Disney Cars Ultimate Build Mater.

The size of the box of this set is the same as the other 2.  However, based on pictures on the front and rear of the box, one can see very clearly this set is the biggest set of the 3.  I’m not too sure the story of Cars 2 as I’ve not watched it but some how, the Mater looks very much weaponize as compare with the previous versions of Mater released by Lego.  (Afternote: After watching the show over the long flight to USA in Nov, I then understand that Mater is now a Spy in the movie and he has to save his friends.  Hence he is now able to transform into a Super Mater equipped with weapons and all the spy capabilities.)

The set comes in 2 packs with the rubber wheels packed seperately from the parts.  This set also comes with stickers but at least these stickers are those clear plastic type instead of the usual white background type.  But still, nothing beats printed on Lego parts… 🙁

The assembly is quite easy as the amount of details included in this big Mater is not really that much.  The whole thing took me around 30 mins to complete.  In fact, fixing Mater is just like fixing up a Police Patrol Car belonging to a Lego City Series, except this is much easier and simple to do.  The weaponised Mater comes with interesting systems including a targetting system on the right eye to allow him to focus and aim the rocket which is mounted on the back of him.  Otherwise, Mater is still the same with his one sided front lights, rusty body and topless bonnet.  

Some how, Lego chose to print simple things like the eyes and mouth directly on to the bricks but left the finer artworks like those on the doors of Mater to be fulfilled with stickers.  I just hope that these stickers are more durable than those normal ones that we use to get from the Lego City series.  Below are the completed pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Putting the big Mater and the normal Mater I have side by side, one can see how much bigger is the Ultimate Build Mater is compared with his smaller brother.  Still, it is interesting that Lego chose to create this set as compared to the other options they have with the other cars in the second installment of this movie series.  Overall, this set deserves a 7 out of 10,  saved by the low price of owning it. 


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