Missing In Action

It has been quite a while since I last wrote here in my Blog.. not because I’m lazy.. 🙂 but more of because I’ve been away in US for “official work”.  Yes, I was in US from 12 to 23 Nov 2011 followed by another few days in Japan.  Initially, I was thinking most probably I’ll be able to update more while overthere since I won’t be tight up with work.  But sad to say, the screwed up time zone and jet lags make it much worse to work on blog as compare to a hectic and busy weekend in Singapore.

This is the first time, and hopefull the last, I have to fly so much over such a short period of time.  Starting from Singapore, it’s a 17 hours flight to San Francisco via Seoul.  A few days later, I found myself on another plane bounded for Seattle for a 3 hours flight time.  Seattle is a weird place whereby it keeps raining and raining… much worse than Singapore’s  weather I would say.  2 days later, I have to fly from Seattle to Washington DC via a 6 hours flight. Then 3 days later, on the return leg, it’s another 7 hours flight from DC to LA followed by another 12 hours flight from LA to Tokyo.  It’s really crazy flying like this.  Jus when I thought I’ve gotten use to 15 hours time zone difference on the West Coast of US, suddenly I found myself on the East Coast with a 12 hours time difference instead.  It totally screwed up my biological clock thoughout this period.

Anyway, the good news is that I still manage to do some shopping while over in US.  Manage to buy some IT gadgets like the Barnes and Nobles’ NOOK Tablet and quite a number of LEGO sets including the Robbie House which I manage to safe almost 50% from the retail price due to the special discount bar code and the membership I signed up when buying the NOOK Tablet.  I’ll do some stock take and update here again over the weekend.  🙂

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