PC Show Buys

PC Show 2011 was held over last weekend from 9 to 12 June 2011 at Suntec. For those who dont know, Singapore has quarterly IT Shows that targets consumers unlike those big big shows in US or Taiwan that allows manufacturers to showcase their latest developments in their prodct range. Anyway, so it has since become a habitual thing to buy something some how during these shows.

So the following are what i got this time round.
1. D-Link Systems ShareCenter 2-Bay DNS-320
2. 2 x Samsung Spinpoint F4EG 2 TB SATA2 5400rpm 32 MB Hard Drive HD204UI
3. Belkin 4 port USB 2.0 Hub
4. 1 x Western Digital Passport 750GB USB 3.0 for my sister
5. 4 x PowerEx 4xAAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries w/Holder for my colleague

Was wondering if wanted to only buy the harddisk later at SLS after the show since the show price was more expensive than SLS.  But simple calculations showed that it may not be worthwhile to do so given that I would still need to pay for ERP, parking at SLS and petrol again on the second trip.  Anyway, have already setup the new NAS with the 2TB in RAID 1 and left it running since Sunday.  So far no errors.  Now is to do another merry go round with my data in my various storage. 

Looking at just the NAS and DAS I have so far, i think i have a total of 24TB in raw and about 16TB usable.  Makes me wondering what I’ve been storing all these while.. 🙂


  1. shadowandy -

    Remember to upgrade the DNS-320 firmware to the latest version (v2.0 iirc). Then format your disks with the new firmware. V2 aligns the HDD to the 4K sectors addressing used by the new HDD.

  2. Conor -

    Hullo, I wanted to “Like” your article but I guess I’ll just leave you a message. Sweet article.

    • Discman -

      Hi, thanxs for the compliment. Actually u can “like” the article but u will need to do it within the single article page. Dont ask me why. Seems to be a “feature” of the theme i’m using.

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