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Synology DS1621+ : Box 1

Why Should We Upgrade Our Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

Introduction I have been using Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) since mid-2011 starting with the DS1511+.  I still remembered that I bought it from Memory World at Funan Centre together with a 2GB SODIMM memory upgrade for an arm and a leg back then. I was using 5 x 2TB Samsung F4 with the DS1511+…

Review of SwitchBot Products - SwitchBot Bot

Review of SwitchBot Hub Mini and SwitchBot Bot

This is the first of a series of reviews of SwitchBot products.   I’ll start with the SwitchBot Hub Mini and SwitchBot Bot to showcase the basic operating concepts and capabilities of the SwitchBot products before moving on to the rest of their products. All these reviews are made possible thanks to SwitchBot for sending their…