The Apple TV 2…

Last week, my colleague who just came back from his conference at Orlando, Florida, brought back the thing that I asked him to help me get while he was over them.  No surprises to those who has been following my Blog.  Yes, it’s the Apple TV 2.  Something we cant get in Singapore.  Over at Orlando, it cost USD$99 excluding the 6.5% tax.  However, it’s still considered a good buy as it can be JB to install XBMC.  This makes it a very cheap option compared to the available media players in the market now.

I’ve manage to JB it after much trial and error and research on the web.  For now, let’s enjoy the unboxing experience first.

It comes with just the ATV 2, the remote and the power cord.  The only display connectivity out is via HDMI.

I’ll post my JB experience in more details when I have the time 🙂


  1. shadowandy -

    Try streaming your best quality movie at it and test if it plays well. All of you bought ATV2, don’t know should I get one and sell off my ACRyan PlayOn!HD.

    • Discman -

      i’ve tried using XBMC to stream one of my 1080p movies .. it’s not jerky but once in a while it will go into buffering.. tried over powerplug wireless and LAN.. both like that.. but playing the same movie using my PC’s XBMC.. no have such issues.. havent got time to debug further..

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