Another Busy Week Passed..

What a busy week last week was.  Was busy getting the whole team ready for company’s open house.  But Director wasn’t happy with the exhibits during Wednesday’s review and want us to repackage them.  What a disappointment to the whole team.  Even i can feel the impacts of disappointment with the words coming out from Director’s mouth.  No choice, we have the pick up everything on Wednesday nite, work through the whole of Thursday in order to things back online on Friday.  Luckily during the review on Thursday evening, things seems better than those 24 hours back.

Anyway, that’s over.  This coming week will be another busy week with an important presentation on Tuesday.  Something I’ve not yet even starting preparing.  So think tonite will yet be again another long nite.

I’ve also received my Apple TV2 from a colleague who have just returned from US last week.  Managed to try out JB it with the bits and pieces of spare time over last week.  But somehow the performance seems a bit weird.  Will talk about it more in another post later if I could.  Also, my Architecture Legos have been calling me .. yet i still cant find time for them.. 🙁

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