Raven 3!

Update : Dropped an email to Prolinkdata yesterday regarding the availability of this casing. Got an almost immediate reply that it will be coming on either Thursday or Friday this week!. But limited stock and mostly are reserved. Price at S$279. Still wondering if should get it.. 🙂

Haven’t been looking at the latest availables in Japan since the earthquake incident. Thought won’t be going down there for quite a while to come. Happen to chance upon this post at AKIBA PC Hotline. Seems that the new Raven 3 has been released! I was looking at the Raven 2 and the FT02 to replace my current Antec P180. Cos the heat coming from the back of the current casing is really too much to push the whole casing against the back of the wall. Though with a casing that channels the heat upwards, I would be able keep things at a lower temperature. Anyway, it cost around 15000 Yen over there now. Wondering how much it would cost when it lands in SLS..

Here are the pictures, courtesy from Akiba PC Hotline, for all to enjoy.