New Arrival at Bricksworld

Was very busy for the past 2 days after i got back from course. Stayed up till 4am on Wednesday nite to finish up a paper only to find out this morning that they want to change here change there again.. 🙁 Then still got things that happen over the different areas and projects under my care but I’ve yet to have time to sit down and look throught them carefully. Anyway, this weekend will be wasted again to update the paper, then maybe still got to beef up the appraisal forms for my staff to help them in the ranking “game”.

Only thing that cheered me up is to receive the Bricksworld members’ newsletter. Seems that Bricksworld is starting to bring in Lego Books. Some like the Lego Book and the Bricksmaster Starwars I got them from Amazon and carried back during my US trips previously. Think I’ve also gotten the Lego Starwars Visual Dictionary from somewhere before. Don’t know if want to get the 2011 Annual and the 2 City Activity Books for the kids. Let me think about it over this weekend. 🙂

Some pictures of the books linked from Bricksworld

Oh yah.. still wondering if should buy the 10217 Harry Potter Diagon Alley or not.. Another almost S$300 investment if buy in Singapore while it’s only selling at USD$150 (not inclusive of shipping) at… how how how? should I just order from Bricksworld?

Available for Amazon Prime