Review of 7956 Lego Ewok Attack

Seems that i’m going to fall sick soon with the weird feeling in the nose and throat. Could have gotten it from a colleague at last Thursday session at Microsoft.  Thought better to quickly finish up this review before it gets too late 😀

Once again, gotten this set during the June Metro Sale together with the other Lego Starwars sets.  This box is not very big considering it against the rest like the 7965 Lego Millenium Falcon. The 7956 Lego Ewok Attack don’t seem to be available on S@H or even Amazon. On Amazon, I could only locate the older series, 7139 LEGO Ewok Attack. Anyway, here’s how the front and back of the box looks like.

The package is very simple with 4 packs and 1 instruction booklets.  No stickers this time 🙂

The whole assembly process is very simple although it’s the first time for me using those leaf like parts.  I took around 20 mins to get the whole thing completed.

The set comes with 3 minifigs: 2 Ewoks and 1 Trooper.  The Ewoks are very cute with their size and headdress.  Lego use the shorter legs for children minifigs to make the Ewoks look smaller and shorter and their heads are customized ones instead of the normal type we use to get on minifigs.  For the white/yellow Ewok, his body suit is moulded as part of the head and is very nicely crafted.

The Trooper on the other hand is quite normal.  No surprises or anything. 🙂

The more unique parts of the this set would be the Ewok traps/weapons that Lego has put in as part of their “primitive” defenses.  They have a stone catapult and a tree logs trap built in to their tree on top of their normal spears and arrows weapons.

Considering the Ewoks and their traps, I would give this set a 8 out of 10.  Otherwise, it’s another simple brick and trooper set of the Star Wars Series.  Considering that Lego don’t really release that many sets that include Ewoks minifigs, this set would be useful to for someone who wish to build up his own Ewok community. 🙂


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