Review of PLUS Memo Pad Clean Note Kaite

This is a review of the PLUS Memo Pad – Clean Note Kaite that I bought from Amazon Japan.  I have been using the original Boogie Board (liquid crystal paper boards) since my first trip to the US and found them in the Brookstone stores.  I still remember that it took me a while to decide on buying them as they were very pricy at around S$50+.  Little did I know that they were selling for almost S$100 in Singapore.  Nevertheless, the buy proved to be one of the most worthwhile purchases I have made.  The Boogie Board was very useful and lasted for a few years before the batteries ran out.  Back then, the batteries of the version I bought was not replaceable.  Only the later versions have options of using CR2032 batteries.

What’s the Clean Note Kaite?

Recently, I chanced upon the PLus Memo Pad – Clean Note Kaite on Amazon Japan while looking for fillers for my cart.  Unlike the Boogie Board which uses liquid crystal paper, the Clean Note Kaite uses no electronics in it.  The Clean Note Kaite uses magnetic sheets that can be erased using the pen cover or the duster that comes with the set, much like how we clear blackboards in schools.  The set also comes with 2 types of pen tips to allow for normal writing or precise drawings.  The Clean Note Kaite is only available on Amazon Japan and it cost around 3500 Yen excluding shipping to Singapore.

There is an accompanying App on iOS and Andriod stores for the Clean Note Kaite.  The app allows you to easily digitize the content you write on the reusable magnetic memo pad Clean Note Kaite. The app also automatically recognizes the writing surface, corrects the tilt, etc., and makes it easy to see and digitize cleanly.  The digitized memos can then be saved to the camera roll, sent to email or cloud, and easily recorded and shared.

The Verdict

I have been using it for a few months, mainly for solving primary school problem sums or to take short notes.  Between the 2 tips, I prefer using the thicker pen tip as it feels more robust to write and the lines are clearer.  The provided erasers are also very easy to use to clean the whole board or precise areas on the board that you may have made a mistake on.  As there are no electronics or batteries, there are no worries about rough handling by kids or running out of juices.  I think the only complaint I have is that contrast of the Clean Note Kaite can be improved for ease of reading.

While writing this review, I saw on the PLUS Vision website that they are releasing Kaite 2 which will have better contrast and improved pen tip shape and thickness for better writing quality and ease of writing.  Looking forward to the new Kaite 2 to be available on Amazon Japan.

Kaite Clean Note - Box FrontFront view of Box of PLUS Memo Pad – Clean Note Kaite

Kaite Clean Note - Box RearRear view of Box of PLUS Memo Pad – Clean Note Kaite

Kaite Clean Note - Box Made in ChinaStill Made-In-China

Kaite Clean Note - Box NotesDetails of the “Pen and Eraser” provided

Kaite Clean Note - ContentsContents inside the PLUS Memo Pad – Clean Note Kaite

Kaite Clean Note - Pad 1The Clean Note Kaite itself.

Kaite Clean Note - Pad 2Designed by PLUS Japan

Kaite Clean Note - Eraser 1The Eraser

Kaite Clean Note - Eraser 2This part allows it to clip to the Clean Note Kiate Pad

Kaite Clean Note - Pen 1The Pen of the PLUS Memo Pad – Clean Note Kaite

Kaite Clean Note - Pen 2This is the tip for finer drawings

Kaite Clean Note - Pen 3The tip for normal usage

Kaite Clean Note - Writing 1The output using the finer tip

Kaite Clean Note - Writing 3The output from the normal usage tip

Kaite Clean Note - MainThe PLUS Memo Pad – Clean Note Kaite