Review of Lego 9489 Star Wars Endor Rebel Trooper and Imperial Trooper Battle Pack

The second Battle Pack released by Lego in 2012 is the LEGO 9489 Star Wars Endor Rebel Trooper and Imperial Trooper Battle Pack.  This pack features a tree with a rebel canon weapon, a scout scooter, 2 Endor Rebel Troopers and 2 Imperial Troopers.  This is a smaller box among the sets released by Lego this Summer of 2012.

The small box only contains 2 packs of bricks and a small instruction booklet.  The majority of the bricks goes into the construction of the tree below which the cannon was placed at.  The rest goes into the scout scooter, which I already have 2-3 of them from the storm trooper polybags.

For the battle pack, it’s not that friendly to those who thinking of collecting storm troopers as the pack only contains one of them.  However, if you want collect rebel troopers (I’ve not seen much people doing this), then yah, you will get two per pack.

The rebel cannon weapon is a very simple construct, even simpler than the one that can be found in 7956 LEGOEwok Attack which I’ve reviewed here.

The scout and storm troopers are the standard ones as per before.  Nothing have changed for them in the battle pack.

I opened up to assemble this set is because it’s small, simple and does not take up much space.  So there are no worries about finding space to display them.  The whole assembly process took less than 10 mins with the simple parts involved.  Overall, the battle pack would be more attactive if there are at least 2 storm troopers.  In fact, it will be Out of Stock even before it reaches the shelves of the stores.  But too bad, some how Lego just want to test the limits of AFOLs and see if we are dumb enough to buy more battle packs like this one.