Arrival of the Lego 8831 LEGO Minifigures Series 7

This is the seventh set of the LEGO MiniFigures Series released by Lego, the second series within 6 months.  Even before it is officially released worldwide, back in March, you can find the detailed review of this release at EuroBrick.  As per Series 6, since the reviews are already, I’ll just share some of my views on this set and also test out my new Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens. 🙂

I ordered my set from after reading the lobang post in ToysnBrick. Thought since I’ll need to order the LEGO Police Station 7498 anyway, this will help to offset the shipping cost to Singapore.  After all the currency conversion, it cost only around SGD$160, quite a big saving compared with what the local Lego speciality stores are charing in Singapore.  My order was placed on 24th April 2012 and by 4th May 2012, it was on its way to Singapore!

It came in its own Amazon Europe box.  Based on it’s outside condition, I thought I would most likely be getting a crashed box inside.  However, surprising, after opening it up, the condition of the box was still quite good.  Even the seals by the side are still intact.  The theme of this series is red.  Quite a jump from the pure white of Series 6.  As usual, the whole gang of the series had a group photo on the top of the box and their individual potraits are lined up along the sides of the box.

Working through the 64 packs in the box, it took me a while to get the hang of the characteristics of each of the MiniFigures and sort them out according.  The breakdown is as follows,

  • 3 Swimming Champions
  • 3 Aztec Warriors
  • 3 Bunny Suit Guys
  • 3 Brides
  • 3 Ocean Kings
  • 4 Bagpipers
  • 4 Daredevils
  • 5 Galaxy Patrols
  • 4 Tennis Aces
  • 5 Jungle Boys
  • 4 Hippies
  • 4 Computer Programmers
  • 4 Valkyries
  • 5 Evil Knights
  • 3 Rocker Girls
  • 3 Grandma Visitors

This will mean 3 complete sets in each box with some spare to share around as gifts or to collect an army. 😀

As usual, I opened up 1 set and had them displayed in the cheap cheap SGD$2 Diaso display cases, which reminds me that I’ll need to get some more of them as these are the last two I have in my storeroom.

I also took the chance to test out my new Canon EF-100 Macro USM Lens for my Canon 60D.  With the macro lens, now I can take closer details of the MiniFigures.  However, I also learned that it’s not that easy to take macro shots as a little movement would have generated a blur in the picture.  Also, proper lighting is important to get a good clear shot of the subject.  However, I think I still have quite a bit to learn to have a steady hand (an option would be to spend $$ and get a tripod :-D) and also to reduce the shadows in my close-up shots.

Overall, the Series 7 is quite interesting with a number of the MiniFigures very collectable or to army build.  For me, I like the bagpiper the best and most likely will be collecting them to compliment the army of Royal Guards of Series 5.  Hopefully, there will be enough to go around in the Singapore stores.. 🙂

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