First Hoots of 2012

Thursday was the first 20% off storewide for Metro Singapore.  This is their sale for the upcoming Chinese New Year.  In time for this sale was the whole suite of 2012 series of Lego.  This includes the DC Super Heroes, City, Creator, Friends and Ninjago.  I have made up my mind after the last review that I’ll just have to start with the DC Super Heroes series for sure.   So some phone calls were made and all reservations were done at Metro Paragon.

After a long day’s work in office (weirdly, it’s quite a packed day.  Something that I’ve not experience for a while since my change in job scope), I pop by Metro to pick up the stuff I reserved.  Surprisingly, there are not that many people in this member’s preview.  Maybe Metro has held it too often that people are not reacting to it any more  Anyway, most much customers mean better service.  The sale staff at Metro were very friendly and even helped me to carry the stuff over the cashiers.  Although I changed my mind and took out 5 of the City Series prior to paying, they are still very simley and helpful.  After I made my payment, which comes out to more than S$500, 🙁 they even offered me the latest Lego posters!   Here are the pictures of my hoots for the nite.

Since I’m already in town area, I thought I might as well pop across the road to pick up my order from Bricksworld.

This is the mystery brown Lego box.  I’ll open it soon and conduct my review on this.