Review of 7958 LEGO Star Wars 2011 Advent Calendar

This is the first time I’m getting an Advent Calendar although it is not the first time LEGO has released one.  An Advent Calendar is a set that consist of 24 smaller sets in itself.  The box of the Advent Calender is designed to carry 24 smaller doors to open, each consisting of a small package.  In the spirit of Christmas, the idea is to open up one door each day, for 24 days, until Christmas Day, when then you will be able to open up your bigger presents.

For the 7958 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, it consist of Minifigures, vehicles and other accessories from the Star Wars Universe.  This is how the box looks like.

Don’t the pictures on the box itself already make one to look forward to seeing and trying out the real thing inside?  As you can see from the pictures below, once you open up the flap of the box, you can see 24 randomly labeled numbers on the box.  You are suppose to open up 1 per day as countdown to Christmas Day.  But I’m not that kind of good boy to wait for 24 days to complete this calendar. 😀

The opening and assembly of the 24 small sets was quick fast, maybe around 1 hour or so.  Not because the sets were complicated to assemble, but more of trying to decipher the assembly as each package only have the final picture displayed behind each small door instead of giving the full instructions on the assembly steps.  Anyway, I was pretty fascinated by the designs of the mini-vehicles of this set.  This is not new, something I’ve seen one of EDMW’s fellow AFOL, Ace, has done himself, by ordering the parts from all over the world, then assembling it himself.

The set comes with 12 mini-vehicles, 8 mini-figures, 2 accessories holders, 1 don’t know what and 1 christmas tree.  I was pondering about how to keep them when suddenly I thought of the Daiso Boxes that I’ve bought for the Mini-Figures Collections.

So with some spare small black bricks and some “creativity”, I manage to arrange all 23 of them nicely into 2 Daiso Display boxes (cost me S$2 each).  All except the X-Wing which is much much bigger than the rest of the Mini-Vehicles.  You can see it’s almost as big as my magic trackpad.

Didn’t want to waste another display box just for this mini X-Wing, I finally decided to just leave it next to it’s bigger brother, the X-Wing I got from the previous release of LEGO Star Wars.

Overall, I would say that the Star Wars Advent Calendar is an interesting, but cheap (~S$45) set to collect.  Although my favorites are the Mini-Vehicles, but there are lots of people on the internet that said they have bought the set for the special and unique Yoda in a Christmas suite mini-figure.  In any case, I’ll most likely buy another set to keep MISB. 🙂