Review of 3648 Police Chase

Today had some time to pack up my storeroom which is overloaded with all the boxes of Legos that I’ve yet to have time to open up and assemble.  Found this small small box, the 3648 Lego City Police Chase.  Not too sure when I got it but guess it should be either at Metro’s usual 20% sale or TRU.  Anyway, as this is a very simple set, I passed it to my son to build it, saying it’s his reward for studying harder these few weeks. 😀

Anyway, the box itself is of the newer packaging, so it’s much thiner than the older boxes.  Also, not too sure what is so special, but this set has a banner on the right of the box that says “Special Edition”.  Anyway, special or not, I’ve opened it up for assembly liao.. :-p

Simple set comes with simple contents.  2 small instruction booklets, a small sticker sheet and 2 simple packages for each instruction booklet.  Luckily, this set does not come with too much stickers cos I really hate stickers as they don’t last at all.

This simple set is really simple.  Think it took my son only 30 minutes to complete everytime and pass them to me for sticker pasting.  May be due to cost reasons, but Lego some how don’t seem to like to print everything on the bricks and rather give us the stickers.  For instance, the speed limit sign is a printed brick and the “Police” word at the back to the motor bike is also a printed brick.  But all the pictures on the police car are stickers.  I already foresee the stickers will be peeling out within the next 6 months.. 🙁

The speedster’s car, looks different from the usual car sets.  For this set, notice what the designer used as the wing mirrors?  Also this speedster comes with dual exhaust too.. 🙂

For this Police Car, the design also differs from the usual ones. It even comes with an aerodynamic design at the rear of the car with a full tail brake lights.  This Police Car also come with crash bars at the front, something we don’t see for the previous police car designs.

For the Police Bike, this one is a 3 wheeler instead of the usual 2.  Also it comes with a blue frame instead of the usual white.  At least this additional is something new in my City Police collection as compared with the 5 or 6 Police 2-wheelers’ that I already have from the past sets.

This set also comes with a small street corner with traffic lights, a speed limit sign and of cos a speed camera to capture whoever is speeding beyond the limit.  Similarly, compared with the usual video camera used for City Police, this set uses a new design for the camera, complete with an IR lens for night vision. 😀

As a whole, I think this set, although cheap and simple, is a fun set to do.  I would give it a 8 out of 10 for the price and new designs used although I still hates the stickers.  Given this price, it would be still be economical for one to buy more of this set just to collect the new 3-wheeler bikes.