Review of 5766 Lego Creator Log Cabin

Guess it has been a while since i updated my Blog.. still pending my part 2 of my Synology DS1511+ since last month but didnt have much time to sit down and write it completely up to a good standard.  Was also sick on and off for the past 2 months.  Keep having throat and running nose.  Anyway, in the mean time, I manage to complete this Lego set during the small time I have in between events.

The 5766 LEGO Creator Log Cabin was released by Lego in 2010.  It was sitting in my store for at least 6 months as far as i can remember :-D.  Anyway, ever since i started collecting Lego, i’ve not missed any of the houses released as part of the Lego Creator Series.  For 2010, Lego has released the 5891 LEGO Creator Apple Tree House and the 5766 LEGO Creator Log Cabin .  Comparing the Log Cabin and the Apple Tree House, the Log Cabin is a smaller set but with a little bit more complexity.  But looks wise, I think the Apple Tree House’s scheme is still more to my liking. 

Anyway, here’s how the exterior of the box looks like.  As usual, this set is capable of 3 ways of assembly, depending how which outlook you want to achieve.  For me, I would go for the default one as shown in the front of the box as this would usually be the combination that is able to maximise the usage of the bricks in the set.

The set comes with 3 packages of bricks, 3 pieces of base plates and 2 sets of instruction booklets.  It’s actually weird to see that the first instruction booklet will cover the first design but the other 2 designs only required another similiar sized booklet to complete.  My guess would be that the other 2 designs are much more simple than the default one and hence less steps (and uses less parts).

The whole assembly took me around 30 mins to complete.  The bulk of this time goes to the main building.  Although this set is not considered to be very big and complicated, it does comes with some new interesting details that I’ve yet to find in my other similiar sets.  The completed set comes with a minifig rowing a canoe, a tree and a small BBQ corner. 

See how cute the BBQ corner is with the 2 drum sticks on the BBQ stand?  The tree is also very similar to that designed for the 7956 Lego Ewok Attack, creating out of bricks instead of pre-fab pieces.  Turning the whole house around, the back of the Log cabin can be opened up to reveal the interior of the set.  Of course, the whole roof is also not permanently attached to the Log Cabin.  Instead, it can be removed for easy access to the inside of the Log Cabin.  Inside, there is a simple fireplace complete with a small fire and chimmey to the roof of the Log Cabin.

The other interesting detail of this set would be the canoe and the minifig rowing it.  At least, this is the first set of the Creator House Series that I have that comes with a canoe.  Best part is this canoe is built from bricks and not pre-fab like a PlayMobil figure. 🙂

Overall, I would give this set a 7.5 out of 10 given the small details that it comes along with and also the new designs of the canoe and the tree that it has.  However, given the number of bricks and the price for it, it is still quite an expensive set to own.