Power of Google and The Internet

Just kena woke up by my maid saying that the washing machine door cannot open.  Blur blur, I went to the kitchen and see.  The machine was power off.  I tried the door.  Really got stuck.  The clothes inside looks clean.  Power on the washing machine.  Display panel say “F23”.

Shit.  F is Fault.  Dont know what the hell is this and where is my freaking manual?  Damn pissed. As the maid how come like that? She say she saw the F23, so she just turn off the power and try to open the door of the washing machine.  Cannot so she woke me up.  Nbz.. I think she must have overloaded the washing. 

No choice, force myself to wake up and power on my PC.  Just by googling “Bosch Washing Machine F23”, got more than 8000 hits.  Tried the first few links.  All say the base is flooded so the anti-flood device is activated.  Need to call the Customer Service.  But then, my clothes all inside the washing machine now how?  Leave until the repair man come (which i suspect will be monday or beyond) meh?  Look again for “Bosch Washing Machine Emergency Release Door”.  Got 1.2M hits… But i found the answer within the first 3 hits.  Found a little release catch that allows the door to be open in such situations.  Did that, and ask the maid to rinsh all the clothes before putting into the dryer.  After she is done, got to see if can solve the F23 error myself again.

But think about it, with the power of The Internet, there is so much information and data we can self help ourselves to as the first line of self support.  Question is how many of us out there is willing to do this…

Anyway, I tried the Bosch websiste (Global and Singapore).  Can only find Installation and User Manuals.  So simple until there are only pictures and symbols.  Only thing inside for me is “Call Customer Service”.  Anyway, I check the opening hours of the Bosch Service Team.  Seems that their office is only open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5pm.  So looks like the machine is determined to take a break over this weekend… 🙁

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