Going Into My Storeroom…

I think I really have bought too much Lego than I can handle at home.. 😀  Recently had manage to reorganised my display cabinets a bit and optimized some “free” space here and there.  Hence, I went back to my storeroom to see which are the sets of Legos that I can open to assemble. 🙂

I did a rough count and realised that I have more than 20 boxes of unopened one just laying around in the storeroom.. That is not counting those that I’ve wrapped and packed nicely in my study to keep them in the mint condition for collection. Wow.. didnt realise I got so many to do…

In the end, I decided to start on the Toy Story Series as they are much smaller and easier to manage in terms of displaying.  But boy, was I wrong.  More will be reveiled in my reviews to be follow-up.  Anyway, where are some sets that I manage to put together but forgot to take pictures prior to assembly.

The first set is the 7789 Lotso’s Dump Truck.  This set is very cute with all the minifigs of the bad guys in Toy Story.

The next set is the main stars of the show, Woody and Buzz.  It’s the 7590 Woody and Buzz Rescue .  The radio control car (forgot his name) is actually playable with a recoil mechanism that allows the car to move forward by pulling it back.  What I noticed about the Minifigs included is that they are pretty customised.  For example, Woody in this case is very tall compared to normal Minifigs as he has a much longer pair of legs than normal Minifigs.  For Buzz, he has a very unique uniform configuration designed to very much details.

Overall, I would think these 2 sets are very worthwhile to get and keep.

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