Apple iPhone 4

Last week, finally manage to find some time to go down to StarHub to renew my line contract and get a new Apple iPhone 4.  For my plan, I would still need to top up S$70 to get the 32GB Black.  Was actually thinking of getting the white one since it is newer but the thought of having to take more care of it than the black one turns me the other way. While waiting for the lady to get my paper work done, I noticed that Starhub also offers the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone at S$89. Since I already paid for the iPhone, I thought just hack it and get the Applecare as well.

After I got the phone, I immediately went to the nearest store around and got Power Support Crystal Film for iPhone4 to protect it. The next was to go around and decide which casing I would want to use this time round. Previously, for the iPhone 3GS, I was using the Sena Case (Black) which I loved very much. But it costed more than S$100 to get it to shipping from overseas. This time round, I thought i better look around locally first.

After rounds n rounds of walking, I finally decided on the SGP iPhone 4 Case Neo Hybrid A Series[Smooth Black] from Challenger which provide a 10% discount for members and I still get $2 off for carpark.

Putting the casing on the iPhone was quite a bit of challenge as it was quite tight.  After finally getting it in, I realise the iPhone connector region is quite tight and I have to apply some pressure to get the connector in contact to be charged.  After some googling, I realise this area is also the weak point of this casing and many users have broken off this portion either by pressing too hard when inserting the connector or dropping the whole phone.

Anyway, the migration of my settings from the old iPhone 3GS was very smooth with a couple of syncs to complete the job.  The only thing I need to do manually is to put the Apps back into folders after they are installed on the new iPhone 4. 

Some may ask me why would I choose to get a iPhone 4 when rumours are saying that the iPhone 4S or 5 will be out in Sept.  Well, my phone contract allows me to renew and get a new phone every year.  Thus, the longer I wait, the more I’ll lose in maximising the free renewal out of my existing phone contract.  Then why not Andriod?  I did consider getting a Sony Ericsson Arc or even a Samsung Galaxy S II.  But what worries me is how well I can adapt to the new OS.  Anyway, I think the iPhone 4 is ok for me now.  Just need to keep a lookout of how the other phone OSes are moving along then decide again next year.