A Small Small Box of Lego…

Went down to Metro again today to get my son’s birthday present after bargaining with him yesterday for a more controlled deal.. Then i saw this little box.. It has been a while since i last bought such a small box of Lego.

It’s the LEGO Space Moon Buggy 3365 of the Lego City Space Series.  My son wanted the Space Shuttle so i thought why not just get this to compliment it.  Wont be getting the other 2 sets, for now at least, cos they will be too tall to be displayed in my cabinet.

Anyway, inside the box comes with an instruction booklet and 2 packages.

The instructions were very simple and the construction steps are 12 pages only.  However, the completed output looks much nicer than the pictures on the booklet.

But the cutest part of this set is actually the astronaut. 

Without it’s helmet, you can actually see all the details Lego has put in for the Astronaut’s uniform.

Actually, although this is a simple set, I wouldnt say that it’s not interesting to do this set at all.  In fact, it’s quite fun to see what Lego can do and how much details they can put into this set.  🙂