Ok, I Couldn’t Resist the Temptations…

Ok.. I confess. I couldn’t resist the temptation and order some things from Lego.com.  I’ve ordered the following

These 2 are unintentional hoots.  Thought since I already ordering, might as well just get a couple more. 🙂  This is what I have in mind to get actually.

Then surprisingly, beside the free shipping within US for purchases more than USD$75, they are also giving out this.

So I seperated my purchases and manage to get 2 of the ARF-Troopers mini-figures.  Also for this round, I channelled the shipment to ComGateway instead of my usual Borderlinx.  Firstly, ComGateway’s address is in a state with no taxes but Borderlinx is.  So I manage to save almost USD$20 on that.  But the shipping charges for ComGateway is in multiples of 0.5kg.  So hopefully the savings in the taxes is enough to cover this.  Also, I hope to give ComGateway’s services a try so that next time I’ll know if I have other options beside Borderlinx, which seems to be getting more and more expensive.

Now i thinking if I should still carry on and hoot these.. hmmm…

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