Lego Minifigs Series 4

Started this afternoon to “molest” the packets of the Minifigs Series 4. Took me almost 2 hours (with disruptions in between) to complete the sorting out of the 60 packets. I was confused between the Vikings and the Musketeers because of the shield and the hats feeling very much the same. It’s the sword that makes the difference between the 2 of them. After finishing, I compared what I have with that reviewed by WhiteFang in EuroBricks. The composition are exactly the same.

They are as follows :- 3 Lawn Gnomes, 4 Kimono Girls, 3 Musketeers, 5 Punk Rockers, 4 Surfer Girls, 3 Vikings, 4 The Monsters, 3 Hockey Players, 4 Street Skaters, 5 Sailors, 4 Soccer Players, 5 Werewolves, 4 Hazmat Guys, 4 Artists, 3 Ice Skaters and 2 Crazy Scientists. This means that I would have exactly 2 sets (1 to keep and 1 to open up and asssemble) that I usually would have for each release of the Minifigs. Seriously, Lego is getting smarter with each release starting with only 2 Fisherman in Series 3 and now only 2 Crazy Scientists in Series 4. Makes me wonder what would be the one that have only 2 in each box in the upcoming Series 5.

Anyway, the assembled set looks like this

The only spare parts left from this Series are the black bases belonging to the 2 ice skaters. But some how, the lady ice skater seems to be more stable than the hockey player. Maybe the hockey player has too much gear on. 🙂

For my collection, I bought these plastic containers from Daiso to display them in.
And no prizes for guessing right that they cost only S$2. Anyway, Daiso’s stocks on these seems to be running low in their Vivocity branch and I’ve only got 6 of them at home now. Hopefully most stock will come in soon.

Here is how the Minifigs looks like in their new display cases. Enjoy!